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    stefanbod Apprentice

    How to convert/parse a value into another property on the same Thing.

    Hi gentlemen,


    I'm using the MQTT extension to get values from my home-automation system. The problem is, that in e.g. the property BRIGHTNESS the MQTT text is a long "story" and not the value itself: This is the String: {"val":150,"ts":"1460135379176","lc":"1460135379176","hm_addr":"MEQ0246804:1"}


    Now I want to use the DataChange event to create a small snippet that transfer the value in my new property BRIGHTNESS_NUMBER. Also the last String "MEQ..." is interesting to me and I want to post this into another variable if not already set in the same Thing.


    Could anyone help me with the parsing? The String is with the {} at the begin and end. "," is the separator and ":" the separator between the property and its value.


    Thanks a lot.