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    Thing x Beta 2 - Server hang up while publishing



    We are doing a project on ThingX beta2. We have a project which we were able to publish on beta version.It gives error as "31mupload failed: { [Error: socket hang up] code: 'ECONNRESET' } [39m" when published in beta 2. And also a pop up appears as "Publish have failed! Verify thre thingserver url and the

    Username and password are entered correctly". The thingserver url(https://<server>/Thingworx)  works fine and able to access with the username and password we have.


    we have given the same thing server url(https://<server> without thingworx) on thingbuilder settings as well as info section in project configuration.Please provide your inputs for the same.


    It would be better if you could provide detailed explanation in steps.