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    demo examples from the developer zone

    1. I can't install and run the PC EMS demo example from developer zone. Apparently something was done, because I reached the maxim (5) instances. Don't know how to erase them to make place for other tries.


    Error messages examples


    in browser

    a) localhost:8088/static/index.html was not found on this server (Thingworx HTTP Server (Win32))


    in command window (dos):

    a) device.cloud.thingworx.com:80++>

    this site can't be reached; localhost refused to connect; ERR_CONNECTION REFUSED ; Details localhost 8088 static index (same with 8080)

    b) succcsessfully connected saving .booted config file

    error file not found c:\users\Corneliu\AppData\local\Temp\7ZipSFX.002\etc\config.json

    disconnect socket

    disconnecting from server


    W 8.1 (64) computer


    2. Cannot see at all the smart phone demo example from the developer zone.


    3. Are these examples compatible with w 8.1 or with w10? If not what Windows should we run?


    Thank you very much.