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    android phone example



    1. In order for the students to be able to complete this project they have to have 'Import from file' rights. I made an 'AndroidDeviceMashup' as an administrator. Is there any possibility to make this 'object' visible to students so that they can make a copy and modify it for their one purposes without giving them supplementary rights for design (for importing)?

    2. Apparently there is a little mistake in the 'code' in the sense that the total amount of memory is displayed on the CPU usage instrument. Could you provide some simple guidance to correct this (for beginners)?

    3. I cannot see the geographical coordinates on my phone application. it's an old phone, with Android 4.1, but GPS is active.


    Thank you very much.



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        Hi Corneliu,


        All developer students will be able to access the AndroidDeviceMashup once you import the entities posted on the Getting Started With Android Smartphones project. All permissions have already been set for it.

        If you want to give them permission on the one created by you, you need to add the developers group on the design and runtime permission section of the Mashup. Keep in mind that other permission might be needed, depending on what services are called in your Mashup.

        To fix the issue from your second question, click on the CPU Gauge and remove the binding of totalRams to the MaxValue of the Gauge

        Thank you for pointing that out. I will have it updated.

        For the gps location issue, could you please check the script log and post a screenshot with any error or warnings that appear ?

        Thank you,


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            Hello Veronica,


            1. I think it is not sufficient to do the operation you indicated. Maybe a better solution would be to make the necessary modifications to make the first indicator (gauge - gauge 13) as the RAM instrument (we need to change cpuUsage with availRams) and the second indicator (gauge - gauge 14) as the CPU instrument (we need to change availRams with cpuUsage). How could we do that in a very (most) simple manner?

            2. I don't know what script log should I check (gps problem).

            Thank you,