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    How to filter infotable with a data structure kept

    I want to filter the result of GetImplementingThings by dynamic conditions with a data structure kept.




    SensorThingTemplate has:

    - Temperature(Number)

    - Owner(User)

    - Generic Thing Properties


    In the mashup builder, 'All Data' of SensorThingTemplate#GetImplementingThingsWithData hasall of the properties above.

    However, filtering the result of GetImplementingThings by EQFilter(Owner == UserName selected by a mashup) returns 'All Data' without any properties, so I cannot bind 'Temperature' to gauge widget .

    This is probably because the DataShape of the result is undefined.

    (QueryImplementingThingsWithData may not match for this case because condition 'Owner ' is selected on the mashup. )


    When I implement 'FilterSensorByOwaner' service with parameters 'Infotable' and 'User', and result 'Infotable(SensorDataShape)', I can do filtering and bind.

    But if another property is added to SensorThingTemplate , I must add that to SensorDataShape too so that 'FilterSensorByOwaner' returns the added property.

    This is no good in terms of maintenanceability.


    If I can specify the data structure of result infotable by ThingTemplate param etc., it may be done.

    Are there any good idea to do this?


    btw, GetImplementingThingsWithData  returns 'RootEntityList' that has only 6 premitive properties, but works well.

    It seems strange a bit.