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    Configuration table on authenticator extension

    Is it possible to have a configuration table (like some extensions have) in a custom authenticator extension ?


    I have the code and metadata posted below, which via annotations defines a configuration table on the authenticator. The extension is imported sucessfully, and the authenticator works as expected, the only problem is that the configuration page is missing.


    What am I doing wrong?




    Joao Pinto





      description="Example 1 config table", isMultiRow=false,

      dataShape = @ThingworxDataShapeDefinition( fields = {









    public class TestAuthenticator extends CustomAuthenticator {






    metadata.xml :


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>



            <ExtensionPackage dependsOn="" description="" minimumThingWorxVersion="6.6.0" name="Test Authenticator" packageVersion="1.0" vendor="xx">


                    <FileResource description="" file="testauthenticator.jar" type="JAR"/>





            <Authenticator aspect.isEditableExtensionObject="true" className="auths.TestAuthenticator" description="" enabled="true" name="MyAuthenticator" priority="1" />