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    UserExtensions properties - username of logged in user is blank?


    1. Log into the Composer (using a valid user, such as Administrator)
    2. Load mashup with the "name" property of "UserExtensions" bound to a text label.  Picture below for reference of "name" property.
    3. Click "View Mashup" and I can see the bound label to "name" is blank:
    4. Click "Reload" and the label is populated with the "name":
    5. Now if I click refresh on my browser it's blank...




    Is there any way I could get the "name" property without having to go through the Composer?  If someone wants to view the mashup externally (direct link to mashup and logging in through the browser authentication popup) then the label is blank.  Curious to know what options exist out there to get the "name" property to persist and work correctly.