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    asim Newbie

    Sharing issue in Thingworx Composer 5

    Observed some abnormalities in Thingworx Composer 5. I am a user, not an administrator. The developed elements such as Things, Thing Templates, Mashups and others can be easily taken over by another user if these elements are shared out. Administrator can also take away my original rights once the element has been accessed (click and open it in composer). It had happened a number of times. Due to such issue, the functionalities of my application are affected. Certain widgets won’t be able to capture or pass the data correctly at run time. Furthermore, I lost my rights to the piece of element that I own. I can no longer edit it in my account.

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        pchung Collaborator

        Hi Alan, are you actually using Composer 5?? That is a very old version, I don't even know if we support that version anymore officially.

        As such, it may be hard to get help on that version.


        Within the Composer environment though, given the proper permissions and visibility users can edit and update (but not Delete) Entities other users have created.

        If that is an issue you are running into, I would first make sure that only actual developers have developer rights and then you will need a process to ensure that your items are not being altered by other developers.

        Please note that Thingworx is NOT meant for PAAS, so it'll be very difficult to completely keep other developers off your entities.

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            asim Newbie

            Hi Pai Chung, thank you for your inputs and advices. Btw, the Composer 5 was given free to Nanyang Polytechnic to try out on last year June. I don't have much control on the version as I am not the administrator. However, I have heard that it is going to migrate to version 6 soon, but not sure when this will happen.


            Currently, I and my colleague are working on a mesh sensor network. Thingworx is used to capture all the sensors from various sensor nodes. My colleague is working on the physical sensors and he needs to verify whether his sensors are working seamlessly with thingworx. Problem arises when he accidentally clicked on the edit button of the entity. My rights to access and edit on that particular entity is no longer given. I have to use the administrator account from another colleague to delete that entity and re-create it again from my account.

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                veronicamih Creator

                Hi Alan,


                I have seen this happen when an administrator opens an Entity ( Thing, Mashup, etc. )  created by a developer. The developer will loose rights on that thing. I am not sure if this is the desired behavior or could be considered a bug.

                But you can solve this by giving yourself permissions on the Entity you've lost access to by using the administrator account. So you would add your username at the runtime and designtime permissions on that Entity when you are logged with the administrator account.

                Let me know if you can use this workaround.

                Otherwise simply have your colleague use a developer account and give this developer account permissions on the entities you want. This would prevent you from losing permissions to your Entities when your colleague accesses them.


                Thank you,