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    OPC UA - can't read Tag values


    I'm trying to connect to an OPC Server simulator with OPC UA protocol. I've downloaded from the marketplace the extension, followed the guide but from thingworx composer i can't read my property "Counter" but i can see it trought the menu manage bindings. from the log of microserver seems to be all ok, i have remote thing connected but i have the property "ConnectedToOPCUAEndpoint" set to false. I'm using the Kepware OPC Server simulator and with another OPC Ua client it works, so the server is ok, i set up no security for connection.


    Maybe is fault of namespaceIndex (Channel1 has index 1)? i think it is 1 right ?





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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Alberto, when you said you can see it through 'Manage Bindings', have you bound that to an existing (or a new) property? Do they not change/ update there?

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          aginal Newbie

          Hi guys!

          We have similar problems with the Thingworx OPC UA Client. For some reason this client constantly reconnects to the KEPServer. In the KEPServer EX Runtime I can see the number of connected clients increase every couple of seconds. I have a feeling that this is not the normal behaviour so maybe this is what causes the problem with reading the Tag values.


          @Alberto: Did you try changing the baseType to INTEGER? In ThingWorx the NUMBER baseType is used for floating point numbers. Based on the name "Counter" I guess this Tag1 is an integer type.

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              albertoz Explorer

              Thanks Alberto for reply,

              Yes i've tried to change the base type to integer but nothng changed.


              @Aanjan yes i've tried but seems using "remote things" template properties not update itselve. anyone is at liveworx next days ?

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                  aginal Newbie

                  Hi Alberto, I finally figured out why I could not read the Tag values, maybe the problem is the same for you too.


                  The main problem was that the namespaceIndex was not correct, I used the following configuration for the opcua_subscription:


                  "opcua_subscription": {

                      "dataItems" : [


                           "name" : "Counter1",

                           "baseType" : "INTEGER",

                           "identifier" : "Channel1.Device1.Tag1",

                           "namespaceIndex" : 2,

                           "isReadOnly" : false

                      } ]



                  The identifier needs to be the complete path of the tag for example: "Channel1.Device1.Tag1" and the namespace index in my case was 2 (it is probably the same for you as well)


                  You can check for the correct namespaceIndex using the UAExpert tool. It can be downloaded from the following link: OPC UA Clients - Unified Automation



                  I hope this will be helpful.

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                albertoz Explorer

                Hi, thanks,

                with this simulator all worx but with old Kepware simulator didn't work. Now they are partner so i think things are changed ! i will try soon to connect with kepserver !