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    How to implement pie chart?

    I was wondering if there is any document with details about implementing pie charts? I'm wondering what the info table attached to it should look like? And best practice for the state definitions? For instance the tree widget requires a column in the infotable called connection or connection type or something...


    I watched the youtube tutorial on it but she already had the infotable and state definitions defined so we didn't get to see exactly how to implement it.



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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Jenna, this would be the video you watched from the Help Center, correct? Please do try that on your end as well; it would be easier to explain with the example shown in the video.


        Tag few entities with new terms based on the 'Application' ModelTag. Go to your Mashup, click on the green plus (add entity) and choose the 'Applications' ModelTag. Now, select the GetVocabularyTermUsage service and bind All Data to the Pie Chart. Add a Grid widget as well, and bind All Data to it. Select your Pie Chart and in the settings pane on your bottom left, select 'name' for LabelField and 'value' for ValueField. If you view your Mashup, the name/ value displayed on the Grid would correspond to your Pie Chart's display.