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    Mayank Patel Apprentice

    SSH client Implementation issues in Thingworx ?

    Hello Expert,


    I am trying to implement SSH client in Thingworx , and i able to create or execute command successfully but problems are when i fire some commands like vncserver , wrong command apply then  i am not getting any output or Error message in  (" ExecuteCommand Method use for Fire a command ") Result box.


    I apply many more commands who actually return a result  but in ExecuteCommand service not return any output in result box in Thingworx.

    Can you suggest steps for print output and print error also in result , if command not found or execute command error.


    I follow this document from Thingworx marketplace :






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        placatus Newbie

        Hello Patel,


        I am the original author of the SSH extension.

        Thanks for raising this issue. The SSH extension only supports running non-interactive commands, because interactive commands require a tty attached.

        I've just tested with running vncserver but I get the expected behaviour: running vncserver (interactive command) will not show anything, and will return in ~1 second after the timeout.

        After that, you can launch other requests. Can you supply additional details about the error (exact order of commands maybe)?


        Regarding your suggestion to also add stderr to the message, as well as the exitStatus, this feature will be added in an later release.