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    Creating an Infotable programmatically with the Android SDK

    Hey everyone,


    I am looking for a way to create an Infotable without the Thingworx annotations with the Android SDK.

    I have been looking for it the documentation but couldnt find a fitting example.

    Can anyone help me on this matter?





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        billrei Creator

        Here is an example of creating an InfoTable with two rows in it from scratch.

        Each row has two columns, a customername and a customer number.

        Here is an example:


        // This example builds an InfoTable with a customer name and number in it
        InfoTable it = new InfoTable();

        DataShapeDefinition itShape = new DataShapeDefinition();

        itShape.addFieldDefinition(new FieldDefinition("customername", BaseTypes.STRING));

        itShape.addFieldDefinition(new FieldDefinition("invoicenumber", BaseTypes.NUMBER));


        ValueCollection itRow1 = new ValueCollection();

        itRow1.put("customername", new StringPrimitive("Customer 1"));

        itRow1.put("invoicenumber", new NumberPrimitive(34215346));


        ValueCollection itRow2 = new ValueCollection();

        itRow2.put("customername",new StringPrimitive("Customer 2"));

        itRow2.put("invoicenumber",new NumberPrimitive(34213336));