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    How to display road route on google map widget?

    I have a datatable containing customers and their locations.  This is bound to a google widget and the locations all show up fine.  However, when I select 'show route' as TRUE, i just get straight lines between the points.  How do I get the google map widget to show a routing along roads between the points?  Should work, maybe something is out of sorts with the widget?


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        ttielebein Collaborator

        Hello, so ShowRoute isn't actually supposed to be a tool for navigation, which doesn't currently exist at all in this widget. ShowRoute is supposed to show the locations over time so you can track things. I am not sure exactly why they are appearing as straight lines, but I do know that this isn't the purpose of ShowRoute. Because the locations aren't actually related to one person traversing a route, then that is probably why it appears funky.


        If you think that ThingWorx should add navigation route functionality to the widget or if you want a real explanation of what you're seeing, I'd try opening a case and attaching an entity export for review.


        Hope this helps!