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    tnayyar-2 Newbie

    Custom Extension

    Need to create a custom extension with following functionality:

    1. Have one backup/Export file i.e. "Entities.xml"

    2. Created one custom widget for my project named "XYZ.zip"

    3.Now,onto Production server,I have to import two files i.e. Entities.xml and XYZ.zip extension.

    4.But what I want to do is: Instead of Importing these two seperate files,need to combine these two into a single Extension and import it.


    Henceforth,I want to create an Extension which executes both the files after it gets imported.


    Please let me know,how to go about it.


    Thanks in advance..!!

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        giri Communicator

        You can create a directory named 'Entities' in your project root, create sub-directories for each EntityType (for ex, Things, ThingTemplates etc.,) and build the project. This should include all the entities in your extension package.


        I assume, the latest Thingworx Eclipse plugin has added the Import entity feature.