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    Updating Remote Property with Static String



    I am trying to update a remote property with a non-changing string using an always on connection. I can successfully connect to the server and update properties. If I send a string, the remote property I have created does not update with the string. If I change the content of the string on the edge device and resend, the remote property updates with the new string. This happens for all subsequent string changes. The only problem is the initial string. If I replicate the same circumstances with a REST connection, the initial string makes it through to the server.


    I think this may be a server side problem and that the remote property is only updating when the property changes. I have modified the remote property to ALWAYS PUSHED and the initial property then makes it through but this uses up a lot more unnecessary server resources. If I give the remote property a default value, the initial string still does not make it through.


    I would like the value of remote string property to update with the initial string I send without having to change the push type to ALWAYS PUSHED.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Matt C.

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        adamr Creator



        What is the Data Change Type, for the property set to on the platform (in Composer)?  If you want updates to be written regardless of the data value be sure it is set to "Always".  The default for a property is "Value" which would produce the behavior you are seeing.  In this case Realm is not involved in the update of the property.




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          Hi Adam and Matt,


          I have a similar problem, and maybe it's related to, the problem with the remote bindings it's with the first value ( previous value before connection ), that first value on reconnection never gets to the server. I notice this a lot with Remote OPC edge Agent.