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    srudenkov Newbie

    Get current Mashup name from Master

    I have master that is actually a header. I would like to know which Mashup is currently displaying.

    Could you suggest the way of obtaining this?


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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Sergei, I don't think you can get the Mashup name from the Master, as the Master is not tied to anything; it just has a generic Contained Mashup. If you just want to know the name for development purposes, you can click on 'Show/Hide Debug Info' and that will display the Mashup hierarchy.

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          mikew Explorer

          Sergei, another approach could be to use Session variables possibly.  Have a "SetSessionVar" helper service that runs on mashup load, set the "last loaded" session variable through that and then access that variable to see what the last mashup loaded was.


          This might fall apart if you have multiple tabs open.


          You could also explore mashup parameters and setting a parameter value to the mashup name so you could provide that to a service as a parameter entry.