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    srudenkov Newbie

    Insert layouts to already developed mashup

    I have made strategic mistake and developed mashup omitting layouts.

    I am looking into xml file in order to add lacking tags.

    Could you suggest algorithm of doing this?

    I have a panel with 5 labels, I would like to have 5 panels on responsive layouts.

    Do you have any best practices of doing this?

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Sergei, well, a way to go about this would be to go back to the Mashup editor screen, click on the Workspace tab, select the layer below 'Mashup' and then cut that. Insert your layout, add panels, and then paste your content back to one of them.

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            mikew Explorer

            this was going to be my suggestion also. 

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                mikew Explorer
                1. I'd start by making a copy of my current version.  I usually keep "MyMashup" as the current working version, but then make copies and name them incrementally like "MyMashup_v1", etc.
                2. Now that the first version that was working is saved so you can revert if needed/desired you start doing as Aanjan suggested.  You can use the clipboard, cut everything out of the area you are working in.  Add a layout with your rows, columns, then add in the panels you want, then work on pasting back.
                3. If this gets hard you can paste between mashups.  So keep v1 open in a TWX tab and the main mashup as well.  You will have to re-connect any service bindings this way, but it may actually be easier.


                If you started with a static mashup layout, you may have to save off your current version to v1, delete the main mashup, create a new one with same name but set to responsive, then build your layout and start copy/pasting between v1 (saved static version) and the new responsive version.