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    Put multiple data in one request

         Hi, I'm using http rest API by ArduinoYun. The question is, I want to send mutiple data to thingworx in one request. For example, I want to send temperautre and humidity to thongworx, now I use two request such as

    curl http://zucc.cloud.thingworx.com:80/Thingworx/Things/DHT21Thing/Properties/Temperature?appKey=deaf648e-e691-4e9e-88a9-1a8…

    curl http://zucc.cloud.thingworx.com:80/Thingworx/Things/DHT21Thing/Properties/Humidity?appKey=deaf648e-e691-4e9e-88a9-1a80b21145c3&method=put&value=66

    I think maybe it could be zipped. Am i right?