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    problem with tree widget

    I am trying to implement a tree widget that looks like what you see in the image below.  For some reason the text formatting is a mix of different characteristics (bold, large versus small regular) even though the same style definition is being used for everything.  In addition,  an action occurs only when I click on one of the large bold labels (nothing happens when I click on one of the small regular labels).  I have also attached images of what my widget configuration looks like and part of the infotable data used in the tree






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        horia.raducioiu Apprentice

        Hello Ken Yetzer,


        We need to reproduce this issue and we appreciate if you can :

        a ) On another environment (or virtual machine) follow the installation steps for your specific Thingworx version (see Reference Documents) and install another blank Thingworx instance.

        b ) After you deploy the Thingworx war check the "ThingworxStorage" folder size (it should be around a couple of MBs).

        c ) Reproduce and test your problem.

        d ) Stop Tomcat service (or process). Zip your "ThingworxStorage" (around a couple of MB) and upload it or provide us a link to download it.


        We are looking forward to receive your files for reproduction.

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            keny Explorer

            Before I go down that route can you provide me with an example that works.  Can you also provide me with an example of a D3 Tree and a D3 Network that also works.

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                keny Explorer

                Another question I have what else can I use instead of a tree to change the mashup of a contained mashup widget.  As an example,  I have a tree displayed in a contained mashup widget.  I want to change the mashup of the contained mashup widget when a user selects an item in the tree.  As far as I can tell you cannot use a menu or am i wrong.  

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                    aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                    Ken, Contained Mashup takes 'Name' as the parameter. So essentially you can use any widget that outputs text and bind it to the Contained Mashup. You can bind a Text Box, type a Mashup name in it, and that will load. For your use case, you can use a List widget as well, populate it with a list of Mashups and have the user choose it.


                    Regarding the original question, can you export and attach your style definitions?

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                adamr Creator



                Do you have state formatting setup for the tree widget?  This can produce the result you are seeing (that screen print does not show that field). 

                Additionally you can use the Radio Button (which is really a button set) to control this.  Really you can use any widget that allows selection from an data set (infotable) like a grid, drop down or even a map.