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    Binding remote thing + services via rest?


    I'm currently experimenting with using REST. I notice in the SDK's (C-SDK, for example), you typically bind a remote thing and then can define these remote services, which are essentially functions which run on the Edge device (executed via ThingWorx).

    I am wondering, can this only be done through the web socket interface of the C-sdk? or are there REST calls where you can bind a remote thing, and then define a set of remote services.


    I suspect you maybe can't? The C-SDK uses websockets which is full duplex and connection based. Http requests, on the other hand, is connection-less, (i think).


    I guess my question boils down to:

         Can you remotely create a service using REST? I can only see examples for binding a remote service (where the service's script is defined on the gateway/edge device). Can you still bind remote things/services/properites via REST?