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    New to ThingWorx

    Hi All


    I am very new to "ThingWorx", I try to create very simple "Hello World" application using "ThingWorx". My requirement is I have Textbox and the button in my mobile application When I put some text on the Textbox and click on the button, using the REST API i want to get the response from the "ThingWorx" side. The result should be " Hello <<Textbox value >> "


    I have another question, How to download the "ThingWorx Composer". to my local PC or how to create login for it, to create that do i need to pay or is it free. I spent More than 5 hours I couldn' find any place to do that


    Guy please help me to complete this task, If I can do this success I can show this to my company,

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        pchung Collaborator

        Hi Gehan, welcome to Thingworx!

        Not sure through what program you are being onboarded, but each features a set of 'getting started' materials and official training materials.

        I highly recommend you go through those first.

        You can speak to the people who onboarded you about where to find the materials.