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    java.lang.Exception: Invalid Global Session Parameter [null]



    1. I created 2 properties in GlobalSessionProperties ThingShape.

    2. From Thingworx composer, I go to CurrentSessionInfo Resource.

    3. I select the service 'GetGlobalSessionValues' and execute it. It displays the 2 properties and their default values.

    4. Next I select 'SetGlobalSessionStringValue' and execute it with one of the properties created in step 1 giving a different value. It successfully executes.

    5. I select the service 'GetGlobalSessionValues' and execute it. It displays the updated properties.

    Now I go into my Authenticator extension and execute the same steps from 2 - 4, it throws "java.lang.Exception: Invalid Global Session Parameter [null]" at step 4. Here are the details:


    Step 2) Resource sessionInfo = (Resource) EntityUtilities.findEntity("CurrentSessionInfo", ThingworxRelationshipTypes.Resource);

    Step 3) InfoTable sessionShape = sessionInfo.processServiceRequest("GetGlobalSessionValues", null);

                 printInfoTable(sessionShape); // Convenience method to print ValueCollection.

                  This does not print the 2 properties I create.

    Step 4) Set the value

    ValueCollection params = new ValueCollection();

    params.SetStringValue("Property1", value);

    sessionInfo.processServiceRequest("SetGlobalSessionStringValue", params);


    The above line throws "java.lang.Exception: Invalid Global Session Parameter [null]".


    Any pointers appreciated.