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    pupadhyay Newbie

    How to Transfer file  using the ThingWorx Edge MicroServer and lua script.

    • I have installed  Edge MicroServer on linux- 64 machine and Installed Thningworx platform on windows machine. I want to transfer RPM package using thingworx plateform mashup to edge machine and install the RPM. I have seen filetansfer demo but that is java based but not sure how to excure RPM.  I want this to achieved though EMS+LUA script.
    • Now requirement is how transfer the file to EMS+lua based  agent on linux machine
    • How to install downloaded RPM to linux platform from Thningworx mashup.

    Its really urgent. Please help me best possible architecture and solution and if possible provide me sample code and some link.


    I am trying to learn using Thingworx Platform .I really appreciate your help in resolving the problem.

    Thanks in advance . Thank you very much.