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    Amazon Web Services requirement



    I've created a custom web app that uses the Thingworx API to fill in the data about different things on my app. I've everything set up in a local environment and now I wanted to port everything to Amazon Web Services. I was wondering what are the requirements for the platform to work in that environment and if it is at all possible. I never used AWS so if anyone can guide me a little bit through it that would be great.


    Thank you in advance.

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        horia.raducioiu Apprentice

        Francisco, I would follow the below steps in order to port a local ThingWorx application to any (Cloud) server like Amazon:


        a ) Decide on which OS you want to host a ThingWorx application and the costs involved.

        From "Installing ThingWorx" guide you will see that you can use Windows or Linux.


        b1) On the server install the same software versions that you have on the local machine :

        - Java version

        - Tomcat version

        - ThingWorx version

        b2) Archive and replace on the server the following folders :

        - "ThingworxStorage"

        - "ThingworxBackupStorage"

        b3) Start Tomcat and monitor the Tomcat and ThingWorx log files.


        We are looking forward to receive your feedback regarding your scenario.