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    My Infotables properties are not persistant

    Hi Guys, I've recently migrated from TW6.5 to 7.1. I have an issue with properties - Infotable to more precise. They are not persistent even if they are marked as such.

    I know that Infotables are more or less a memory data type, but I hoped that if I mark them as 'persistent' they will be. Wierd think is that on 6.5 i cannot recall that my infotables would went empty after system reboot. At least I think so.

    Buttom line, I am using Infotable type for configuration purposes, they are containing URLs and their respective properties. I am iterating through this table making HTTP requests to target system, whilst retrieving response and so on....

    Is there any way how to make my Infotables persistent? Other than flush them into some variables and fill them back after restart?