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    Get Data from HallSensor to TWX (Raspberry PI)

    hey guys,


    i connected a Hall Sensor to my RPi. Its a KY-024 Linear magnetic Hall Sensor – SensorKit X40 Wiki.

    i want to use the Sensor as a Speedometer or for the number of revolutions per minute.


    I can read the data on my Pi with a written program from Adafruit. But i dont know how to push that data to TWX and get rounds per minute for example...


    any help? (:


    regards, philipp

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        ianban Creator



        I assume adafruit have supplied a python script that obtains data from the sensor.... your options depend a little on the which edge software you're running on your Pi:


        1) Modify the script to run in a loop and put the current speed into a file (replace value) each time through the loop, in your edge code, read the current value from the file. This should work for all of the edge options.

        2) Re-write the python code as Java and use in the Java SDK directly (not easy but possible)

        3) If you're using the Java SDK you could use the Jython libraries to call the Python Script

        4) Modify your Python code to make a REST call to the ThingWorx server to update the Property value.





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          Mayank Patel Apprentice

          Hello ,


          Use this document to get your all answer : Digital Media Publisher


          Basic Steps for End to End Application :

          Develop a Remote Things in Thingworx for connection between Thingworx and Pi ( In this remote thing you need to add properties which have your sensor properties)

          In Pi you need to use Edge micro server based on your os  like you can use c sdk , Java sdk etc.

          In that you develop client for create socket between your board and thingworx.


          Let me know if you not getting.I will help you.