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    Tutorial Fail! ThingWorx Foundation Tutorial


    my inexperienced coworker tried the tutorial and failed, so i tried it myself and have to say its .....

    Sorry for the hard words.


    it begins with Step 8 Events & Subscriptions:

    Small error under Point 2: some steps after "Write an error message to the ThingWorx log" have to be deeper in hirarchy


    The big mistages are made in step 9 Create Application

    • 2x QueryPropertyHistory Service (for what?)
    • Point 8 Connect Data to Widgets: missing the most important informations How to connect source to Target
      • after point "A dialogue box with ... will appear" no more correct steps are provided -> wich of the 3 values should a Person choose?
    • and the Source an target informations for all others are missing complete!
      • Set Dim Level Button (What shoud i do? i know to connect the clicked of the button to the SetProperty Service, and i know that i have to connect the value from the Slider to the field in the service but a new TW-Developer?)
      • GaugeValue (Which value to choose)
      • Maps Properties to display selection Marker (i assume that the selected marker is ment), Bindings???
      • StreamValues (Which properties to which lane and fields)


    And the last thing to mention is the Downloadable Simulator (see: Re: ThingWorx Foundation Quickstart Downloads?) wich dosn't work (Thingname "MyHouse" instead of "HouseThing" like in the Tutorial, Additional Tag (simulator))


    So please fix the tutorial to get an working App, which the goal of the tutorial should be!