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    fmanniti Creator

    Where are thingworx files when I create things?

    Hi, sorry because this might be a stupid question.

    If I create a mashup and call it "MyMashup" with a blue background color and a gauge scale as widget, I'm actually making a web page so I guess somewhere I should have a html (or jsp) file which is MyMashup with some HTML language stuff inside in order to create the widget and a CSS file with the code "background-color:blue". Isn't it?
    If so, where those files are?
    Because I can't find any into the Tomcat/webapps/Thingworx directory


    If it is not like this, then I have another question: I have a boolean and I want it to be represented on the mash up by an image of a green LED light if the boolean is true or a red light if is false.

    If I had to develop a web page I would manage this with a javascript code; is there a way to do this with Thingworx?