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    sabarish Apprentice

    Issue with DateTime picker


    We are trying to map DateTime picker to a DateTime Input parameter to use in SQL queries.

    It is working fine when a Date is selected.


    It does not work when nothing is picked.


    Appreciate any help and comments



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        ianban Creator

        Have you tried adding a default value for the date/time input parameter for your SQL service?

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          nkhose Creator

          As datetime picker only has the changed event you can do the following


          a) First give any default value through service which will be binded to Mashup Load Event

          b) Then when the default value service is completed i.e ServiceInvokeCompleted you bind that to the SQL service you are now using on date time picker

          changed Event

          See below


          Whole Scenerio below 



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            qngo Creator

            You would need another service which verify the datetime input before calling the SQL query service. When nothing is picked in DateTimePicker, you can decide to give a default value as input for SQL query.

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              rpallares Explorer



              We had the same problem. For us the best solution was to create a search context with an infotable.

              The binding works well through the infotable even if the date picker is undefined.


              That problem is cleaner to encapsulate the entire search form. As seen, it's safer.

              It allow too to pass the context through mashup parameters correctly, that is not working well with simple datetime data type.


              Using a default value in services was not a good solution in our case.