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    Repeater widget performance POC

    Developed one POC to check if repeater performance improves(fast response) and for that I did:

    1. Created a child mashup (contains repeater widget) and Parent mashup to invoke child Mashup to display rows of data.

    2. Mashup types used are:



    3. I tried different combinations of Mashup types to check out the Runtime response time.Like:

    (A) Child mashup and Parent mashup both as MASHUP type. 

    (B) Child mashup as MASHUP type and Parent mashup as ThingTemplate type

    (C) Child mashup as ThingTemplate type and Parent mashup as MASHUP type.

    4. Above every combination of mashups used same type and number of services for data fetching.

    5.Used F12 console to capture Runtime of all combinations.

    6. Found case (A) with the minimum finish time.

    Note: Thingworx version used is 6.5.

    Hope to see new versions of ThingWorx will come-up with better performance of Repeater widget data display.