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    fbrambilla Newbie

    thingworx anatlyics quickstart

    Hi all,

    there is someone who tried to complete the thingworx anatlyics quickstart example?

    Here the link: http://developer.thingworx.com/guides/thingworx-anatlyics-quickstart


    It is a very useful user guide with a "real" prediction example.

    It helps you to understand the thingworx analytics feature (aka NEURON aka COLDLIGHT) in the best way: "try it yourself".


    So I tried and now I am able to set a prediction job.

    Unfortunately my job is still "quequed" from yesterday!


    If I check the job status (http://developer.thingworx.com/thingworx-analytics-how-guides/check-job-status) I get:

    { "resultId": 50,

    "uri": "http://twx-ml.ptc.local/1.0/status/50",

    "progress": 0,

    "message": "QUEUED",

    "messageInfo": null,

    "startTime": null,

    "endTime": null,

    "runTime": null,

    "queuedStartTime": "2016-06-13T14:33:47.321Z",

    "queuedDuration": null,

    "dataset": "bean_pro_espresso_demo",



    Anyone had a test?

    Thanks in advice!


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        aminec Apprentice

        Hi Fulvio,

        The issue that you are facing is a known issue related to the VM size. This issue has been fixed however you would need to create another new account and then go through quickstart again.


        Please test it and let me know if it worked for you


        Best Regards,