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    hhsu Newbie

    How to get the statedefinition states information.

    I want to get the States information "Display name".


    In the Mashup show the Display name as "data less than 10  show cool , less than 20 show comfortable , other show hot  "


    how to get the StateDefinition's Data?

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        nkhose Creator


        Configure and add State Definition as below and then bind the widget state definition to it also add Style Definition to the state rules . As long as Display Name to be shown

        i guess it is not possible  instead we need both value and display name should be same .. but one thing we can do in the data service itself

        a) Check the for the the data for instance if data==1 or data==2 then showCondition="Cool" or  showCondition="Hot" and then add the state definition to the  showCondition

        field itself for String/Value option exactly as String/Value=Cool and DisplayName="Cool" then add proper style definition you wish to give .

        Hope this helps




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          hhsu Newbie

          Thank your reply.

          Your solution have a question . As the statedefinition condition changed, need to change two place.

          it will let people miss the action.  So i want show the display name directly.

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              aanjan Heavyweight Champ

              HuiLan, the 'Display Name' field not accessible, that's a field definition for users to know what the state is when building a Mashup. If you do want to display something with your value, does using images/ icons make sense? You can edit your Style Definition and add an image for that particular style/ state indicating the current temperature (hot/ cool).