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    Create and Update Entry upon Stream take too long

    Hi Guys,

    I am having some issues with Streams.

    When I create some StreamEntry and use GetStreamEntriesWithData, sometimes there is a delay about 1minute or so, before I can see stored results. Timestamp is correct (time when the AddStreamEntry service was called), but I can see data after some delay.

    Same goes with UpdateStreamEntry. I update my stream entry, but changes are visible after 1m and more. (not always, but in 80 percent of all cases). That is very enoying, because I am using this in a UX and it must be responsive.


    Anyone could help with that? Is there any way how to workaround it, tweak it?


    Anyone could provide me with an explanation why this is happening?


    Thanks a lot.



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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Hi Tomas,


        Stream and ValueStream writes are Async operations that's the reason why you don't see writes/updates until a while.


        You can decide when buffer it's written on the Stream/ValueStream, but always will be Async.


        If you need Sync operation, you should go to DataTables, but then you should worry about DataTables limits ( no more than 100k registers ).


        Best Regards,