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    PTC University Advanced Course Files Missing

    Hi All


    I have logged a case with PTC to get some of the import files that are missing from the v6.5 Advanced Modelling and Advanced UI courses however I was wondering if in the meantime anyone had these files to hand? I am mainly looking for the files associated with the AmpCar Lot Advanced UI course.


    Many Thanks



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        Thanks for the feedback. The Advanced Modeling and UI Development courses require additional system configuration beyond a set of import files to complete the exercises as documented. As such, we are removing any import files that were initially supplied with the courses and updating the course Introductions to state that the "How To Steps" should only be used as reference and that the exercises can only be completed using a PTC supplied training environment (Virtual Machine). We are looking into options that would allow for the control and distribution of a virtual training environment for self-paced learning, but currently do not have a solution or offering; therefore, students should review the lecture content and watch the demonstration videos to reinforce topic objectives.