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    lzhou Apprentice

    System.AccessViolationException occur when using OPC DA Edge connecting to KEPwareServerEX(V4.5)

    log below:

    2016-06-22 15:19:00.044Z [L: Error] [T: 6] [U: SYSTEM] [O: com.thingworx.opcda.OpcDaClient] Error while initializing new OpcDaThing, or opening connection to Platform. : System.AccessViolationException: 尝试读取或写入受保护的内存。这通常指示其他内存已损坏。     在 com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper.twApi_Connect(UInt32 timeout, Int32 retries)     在 com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper.Connect(UInt32 timeout, Int16 retries)     在 com.thingworx.communications.client.BaseClient.start()     在 com.thingworx.opcda.OpcDaClient.run()