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    How to store versionized PDF files in ThingWorx

    Hi ladies and gentlemen,


    I need to store different versions of a document in ThingWorx. To be able to handle the relations in between my first architecture guess was as ThingTemplate for the Masterreference and Things for the versioned documents. This would enable the option to subscribe to the master and get info, if a new member was added/changed and also to subscribe to the ThingDocument itself as the versioned one.


    I know there are document management systems out there ready to do this but the background in much more manufacturing based and this is the only function I need.


    I also assume with the Template/Thing construct it is easier to make queries to get e.g. the latest released.


    Second question:

    I have working places and need to attach 1..n of the above ThingTemplates (or the latest thing). I assume using the NETWORK Thing is the right way to create this relation. Because infotable as attribute on the working place does not allow search back (where used).