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    richardwi Apprentice

    Where do the options in Dependent Field come from?

    When adding State Formatting to a widget (I'm using a Gauge) you have to specify the "Dependent Field" to use.  I would have expected this to be (or at least default to) the value that the widget is displaying (i.e. the property bound to the widget's Data field) but it doesn't.  It seems to show a list of all the properties of the entity from which the widget gets its value.  This seems slightly unintuitive to me.  Does anyone know the logic behind this?  Am I correct in my assumption of where the list comes from?  If you haven't bound the widget's data, you can't add State Formatting, so that seems to corroborate my assumption.  I think the other reason I'm confused is that once I've chosen a Dependent Field, I would expect that to be shown in the Connections panel - especially if it's not the same as the widget's Data field - but it's not.