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    Update service in Windchill Connector for Thingworx

    Has anyone explored Update service in Windchill connector? I am having hard time finding out how to update an object in Windchill. What syntax would work for modification parameter. Any pointers..



    var params = {

      modification: undefined /* STRING */,

      dataShape: undefined /* DATASHAPENAME */,

      objects: undefined /* INFOTABLE */




    // result: INFOTABLE dataShape: "undefined"

    var result = me.Update(params);

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        ianban Creator



        If you use the executeTask service, you can create a Windchill task that takes parameters and updates an object accordingly. Your task should be written to perform the whole update process within a single transaction.


        For passing the parameters in this case, you use the IEProperty datashape and create one row in the InfoTable for each parameter.