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    pagrawal-2 Apprentice

    Problem in understanding ptc-navigate-extension on Thingworx Composer

    Hi Guys,

    I have download the extension.

    Install Thingworx 7 successfully,then import navigate extension to Thingworx composer.

    I also import the navigate extension for PLM.

    Then I open the mashup named "LandingPageAccessAppMashup" which seems like:

    Now when I navigate to any of these tiles like for e.g. take View Parts List the the page comes up is:

    Now I have also installed the patch on my local windchill side.

    But how would I able to use this functionality.

    I gave some part numbers in the box but it says no records exists.

    What this whole navigate is for?

    What can I do with that?

    I read articles and ptc blogs and whatever I got I implemented but now I am not getting which it seems I should get.

    Can you please help me get the results.