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    Bar chart and negative values



    This is my first post since I am new to Thingworx. So please excuse any "easy" questions:-)


    I am doing a mashup where I want to display values from an energy meter. But the values can also be negative due to solar panel production. I want to use a bar chart for this, but it seems like the bar chart only can draw from the bottom up? I want it to draw from the centerline (eg zero) and up/down dependant of the value. That is what the area and line does. Is there any configuration I have missed?


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        nadams Explorer

        The label chart will display negative values if they are passed in the data. I've not changed the settings for the y axis and it scales the graph (adding negative Y as needed) to show data that it needs to display. The screen shots below show the same graph with varing quantities for the items displayed.




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            uyngvesson Newbie

            Hello and thanks!


            Strange. Can it be because I had only 0 and negative values when I tested? When tested today where I have some positive values, I get the same correct behavior as you. I did a new test with only 0 and negative, and I get the following result:




            As you can see it draws from the lowest value and up:-)


            And here the same chart with some positive values and some negative...

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                nadams Explorer

                looks like a bug to me!


                If you have a good idea of the possible max and min values you can 'fix' the issue by turning off Auto scaling on the y-axis and then putting in the max and min values (looks like these can also be driven by data bindings so you could write a service to give you max and minimum)


                If you did write such a service you would want your maximum to be >= 1 otherwise the bars would rise from the bottom still.



                Good luck