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    How to change the PostgreSQL server used by the Default Persistence Provider



    Can we change the PostgreSQL server that is used by the default persistence provider?

    I want all the data (including thing_model etc..) be stored in the remote postgres.


    I have installed a postgres in the remote server and create persistence provider that use it.

    This persistence provider worked and the data of Value Streams or Data Tables were stored in the remote server.


    However, the model data I created were still stored in the local postgres (ThingworxPersistenceProvider),

    although I had set remote persistence provider as 'Default Persistence Provider.'


    ThingworxPersistenceProvider is a system object and its "JDBC URL" is fixed to "localhost:5432."

    Are there any way to change this?

    If we can, how to and when can we do it?




    Shunsuke Yamabe.