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    Multiples bugs that prevent completing the tutorials

    Hi everyone, today I needed to complete the Thingworx tutorial to start working on a project. However, I soon noticed that in the "Foundation Tutorial" step 4, the images describing the properties to create we're missing. All we can see is the default browser image displayed when an image can't be retrieved.


    I resigned myself to complete the Quickstart tutorial instead. However when I reached step 5, I was asked to download a file. This file could not be downloaded.


    I am seriously disappointed, especially since I noticed that similar problems occured four weeks ago. I'm having serious concerns about the reliability of your platform. Yes, the website is pretty and the UI feels good, now please make it functionnal.


    You should also notice that in the Dashboard, clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page refers to a 404 Error : Page not found !