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    JDBC connector extension failing

    I am following the instructions as given in the jdbc connector extension: Below are the steps.

    This extension leverages the Thingworx FileRepository template to upload a third party JDBC driver file and create an “import-able” extension using the uploaded file.

    • To use the builder simply open the JdbcCreator mashup, click the “Choose File” button and select the JDBC driver file you want to use from your local file system.
    • Now click the “Upload” button and a link will be displayed below the buttons, “Download Extension File”.
    • Click this link and save the zip file. This is your extension. You can now import this into the Thingworx platform.
    • The imported extension will create a Thing Template with the name of the file plus “JDBCTemplate”. For example a file named “myDbFile.jar” would create a Template named “myDbFileJDBCTemplate”.
    • Use this template to create a new thing and connect to your data source using JDBC.

    While importing the downloaded zip file to create the template as given in the last step I am getting the attached error. I am using TX version 7.


    Please let me know how to create a jdbc connection with my database.

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        polinao Ninja

        We are working on re-uploading the working extension to the marketplace.


        In the meantime, you may also bypass using the extension and go the manual route by placing (deploying)  the jdbc jar file inside the Tomcat folder, example:

        "Tomcat 8.0\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions\"