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    Read file properties


    I want to read a file from the Thingworx server which is being send from a device every 5 mins. I need to read it and display the columns in a mashup. Can anyone help me how to do this.

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        You should look at FileRepository services, this Uploaded files should reside on a FileRepository thing.

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          aanjan Heavyweight Champ

          Soumya, what sort of properties are you looking for? Basic ones like name, size, type etc? Once it is on your repository, as Carles mentioned, you can use a service like 'GetFileListing' on your Repository Thing to display the file with its properties.

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              smajumdar Explorer

              Hi Ravi,

              I want to to read the text.log which will be sent from a remote device every 5 mins. I have to parse the below 4-5 properties from the file. The structure is shown below.

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] RESULT=        3-SFU

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.VersionLoggerListener.log Server built:          Jun 9 2016 11:16:29 UTC

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] COMPLETED=         06/22/2016 07:15PM

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] SPControl v=               10.0.8

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] CURRENT_LOG_CSF3=            250

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] UPLOAD_COUNTER=          28

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] LAST_APPLICATION_FILE=             C:\Test\test.txt

              04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422 INFO [main] LAST_UPDATE==           04-Jul-2016 17:03:06.422

              among these I need to find out the values for RESULT=, COMPLETED= , SPControl v= etc