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    How do you store and forward messages in the .NET sdk?

    Sorry if this isn't in the correct place to post.

    I'm currently sending data values to TW from a remote device and need to be able to implement the offline message storing to hold the values for the time that the connection is lost. In the .NET SDK developers guide p30 it mentions using these 2 properties:


    (This is how I currently have them set)

    config.OfflineMsgQueueSize = 100;

    config.OfflineMsgStoreDir = "C:\\Users\\john.bennett\\Desktop";


    When I first run the program the two files "offline_msgs.bin" and "subscribed_props.bin" are created on the desktop at 0KB. Now to my understanding (as there's very little documentation in the guide) if I were to stop tomcat or turn off my laptops Wifi then it should then begin to store the values into these two files but nothing happens the files don't grow (forever stay at 0KB in size) and nothing is forwarded to TW upon re-connection and the data is lost.


    What am I missing in order to keep these offline values?


    Thanks in advance!