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    Save repeater data



    I have mashup which have button and repeater. I am calling child mashup for repeater. Child mashup textbox.

    When I click button I want to grab all rows of data from repeater and save it to database.


    Can anyone help in how to get data from repeater.




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        pchung Collaborator

        It's a bit complicated to save all repeater data at once, better to save single entry at a time.

        I think it will need a Mashup or Session parameter and something in the repeater to serve as a Key to accomplish it, quite complicated I think.

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            rk-3 Explorer

            I am using session for this. Whenever input widget data changes, I am updating session.

            So on button click I am sending that data to database.


            This is how I achieved the task.


            Please let me know if there is better approach.