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    msarabura Newbie

    Passing calculated number to pause()

    The following code throws Error JavaException: java.lang.Exception: Invalid Pause Value : For input string: "2267.0"


            var delay = 0;

            delay = parseInt(Math.round(1000 * ((maxDelay - minDelay) * Math.random() + minDelay)));



    No matter what I try - parseInt, Number - I can't convert the delay into an argument that the pause function will accept.

    On the other hand, pause(2267) works just fine where 2267 is hard coded.

    How can I request a programmatically-generated delay?

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Try putting the pause(XXX) inside a service, and that service has a parameter of type LONG, pass the calculation to this services instead directly to the pause.


        But take it easy, as pause only supports pause for 1minute ( 59999 ), you can't do a bigger pause.


        For instance I have a long running pause implementation like this one:


        Things["UtilsHelpers"].pause({ milliseconds: 100000 });


        pause code:


        if (milliseconds>=60000) {

            var nTimes = parseInt(milliseconds/60000,10);

            for(var i=0;i<nTimes;i++) pause(59999);

            // -- As the following instruction doesn't works and it should: case: 12808137

            // -- we will just trigger half a minute more



        } else {





        As you can see it's an approximation when it's > 1minute.


        But by the way, if you need pause > 1 minute, better you implement a queue system, pause() blocks the thread and the consumed memory.


        I've mostly ended not using it at all, and using my own queue system.

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          Sajid Patel Apprentice

          Try this:


          var maxDelay = 10;

          var minDelay = 1;


          var delay = Math.round(1000 * ((maxDelay - minDelay) * Math.random() + minDelay));