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    Installing Thingworx 7.1 on Linux Ubuntu

    July 15, 2016



    Dear Sirs



    I installed Thingworx platform 7.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, following your document “Installing ThingWorx 7.1 Version 1.3”.

    I would like to submit you the minor changes I made to some instructions. Without these changes I could not set up Tomcat application server. I used Tomcat 8.5.3.


    • Page 20; step 19

    Instead of instruction

    sudo chmod 640 conf/ *,

    I used

    sudo chmod -R 770 conf/ .

    The instruction conf/ * changes the folders at the same level of conf;

    the chmod value 640 blocks Tomcat process.



    • Page 21, step 25

    About keystore file,

    instead of value "{$user.home}/8.5.3/.keystore"

    I used "conf/.keystore",

    because with original instruction resulting path is /usr/share/tomcat/8.5.3/tomcat/8.5.3

    instead of



    I added also field keyAlias,

    with value "tomcat8”,

    because in step 23 of page 21 alias parameter was tomcat8,

    but default alias of tomcat process was tomcat , instead of tomcat8 .





    Thank you for your attention and your suggestions.



    Best regards,

    Sergio Marino

    Sysdev, Torino ITALY