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    PostgreSQL extension import on Thingworx 7.1 with Postgres problem

    I am trying to import PostgreSQL extension (http://marketplace.thingworx.com/Items/Relational-databases-connectors) to my freshly installed Thingworx 7.1 (Postgres version) and I am facing such problem:




    In the logs I can see errors:


    [message: Checking ThingWorx system JARS conflict(s) detected [package: PostgreSQL_ExtensionPackage].  Check application log for details!]

    JAR conflict Checking ThingWorx system JARS [existing: postgresql-9.4-1201-jdbc4.jar, package: postgresql-9.4-1204-jdbc41.jar]


    I believe that extension management tries to deploy jar with postgres connector classes, such jar already exists and that is causing the problem.


    How to solve this properly?