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    Contained Mashup Name not changing on Button Clicked Event

    Hi All


    I know there is a couple of posts on here about this same topic but I am yet to fix my problem.


    I have 3 buttons on my main mashup, each of which is used to change the Name of the Contained Mashup (for now using ContextID of the button clicked).

    I also have 3 services (each triggered from a single button which applies to that particular mashup) and a final service to determine which button ContextID I have chosen.


    When I click on a button the ContextID of that button is sent to the first service who's output populates an input parameter of a second service which determines what ContextID I have selected based on which input parameter is populated (I have had to do it this way as you can only bind one value to the Contained Mashup name). The ServiceInvokeCompleted of this service then triggers the Refresh service of the Contained Mashup to ensure the Mashup refreshes.


    However when testing this only the ContextID of the first button I have clicked seems to populate the Contained Mashup name as when I click other buttons the Mashup appears to "Refresh" but sticks to the same Mashup.


    I believe the reason for this is that it is sending more than one ContextID at a time which is causing a logic error for my service which determines the only populated input. Can anyone think of a different solution or a workaround for this that still uses a Contained Mashup and not Navigation Buttons?